Turkish cherry was introduced to China

West Mediterranean Agriculture and Food Cluster Project participants visited China to meet Chinese counterparts who imported $ 794 million worth of cherries last year.

Turkish delegation, which composed of 8 project participant companies, visited three large fresh fruits and vegetable wholesale markets, important supermarkets of the country and fresh fruit and vegetable importer firms and their facility areas in Shanghai. During these visits, the delegation informed Chinese importers about the production capacity and high quality specifications of Turkish Cherries. The delegation also found the opportunity to investigate Chinese market more closely and to learn the trends of the market.

During the quite efficient negotiations, Chinese companies were informed about cherry production and export of our country. It is expected that the negotiations of the URGE delegation in China will positively affect the export of cherries. As it is known, Turkey produces the best quality cherries of the world and has the characteristic of being the fourth country in terms of cherry production in the world. Last year, 182,7 million dollars of cherry exports were made from Turkey. In the near future with beginning of exports to China, this amount is expected to increase significantly.