West Mediterranean Agriculture and Food Cluster visited

West Mediterranean Agriculture and Food Cluster visited Morocco where our export has increased by 98 percent to 10.5 million dollars and undertaken additional efforts to further increase exports to this country. The group, with the aim of building new export networks and to present the export products of Western Mediterranean region, made its first visit in Morocco to the Agadir Chamber of Agriculture. 9 representatives of exporter companies in the delegation held an export oriented meeting with Hadj Ali KAYOUH, the President of Agadir Chamber of Agriculture; Khalid OUJLOUQ, Regional Manager and members of the Chamber.

Our exporters in the Food Cluster were welcomed in a warm environment in the Agadir Chamber of Agriculture and members of the Chamber showed great interest in the West Mediterranean exporters. Afterwards, the delegation visited Grep Company, which produces grapes and raspberries in 120 hectares field, and Zaouia Cooperative Agricole, the largest packaging facility in the region, and Agrupa Marca, an agricultural producer. On the third day of the visit program, the delegation went to Casablanca and carried out B2B business talks with the businessmen of the host country. Casablanca Trade Counselor Gökhan ÜSKÜDAR also participated in the B2B meeting.

Mr. ÜSKÜDAR, who made the opening speech of B2B business talks; gave detailed information to the participants about the Moroccan market. Turkish delegation held meeting with 21 Moroccan company representatives. It is expected that program will contribute to further exports to this region in the future period. During the visit to Morocco, West Mediterranean Exporters Association was represented by the Secretary General, Fisun Evrensevdi PEKTAS.